May I have some caviar please, Mum?

March 14, 2018

In my book, the first rule in Marketing is to command attention. The easiest way to command attention is to give yourself a very attention-grabbing name or image. The same is true for parenting. After the hard labor, the baby shows up. You have your first marketing job – finding a name that would command attention. Don’t get this wrong. You will not be forgiven, ever!


I am sure you can think of very poor name choices you have encountered. What was the first thought when you heard or saw a poor name? I bet you immediately thought about the parents. You thought, “What were you thinking”? Exactly! The same applies to poorly named products, promotions, and businesses.


Attention is key, but doesn’t last long, especially these days! You need something in addition to attention. Something interesting, perhaps. A skill, a talent, something special. So parents that have passed the first test will tell you this kid can do this or that. The same applies to businesses. Ask yourself this, “What about me is interesting?”… “What about this product stands out?”


If you can identify what stands out, you are on to the money. People will want it. We like things that are attention grabbing and interesting and consumers want to have them. Why do you think people with very interesting names get key jobs? Well, talent first, and then the name!


Now that you have someone’s attention and you have them interested and desiring your product, what’s next? You should tell them what to do, where to go, how to get there, and tell them to take action.  Attractive people grab your attention. If they know how to keep you interested, perhaps with a skill or something unique, you will want to hang out with them and do whatever they tell you.


Unlike kids, you should try and give your customers what they want. (Within reason). Don’t do that with kids. They will want ice cream for breakfast every day and after a month, they will ask for caviar!





About the Author

After teaching in Colleges in the United Kingdom for several years, Ben Acquaye joined the Business Department at Lakeland College in 2012. He currently serves as the Chair of Business at Lakeland College, the former President of Toastmasters Lloydminster, and is a proud PechaKucha alumni.


He lists telling stories, travelling, public speaking and a whole lot more, as interests. We discovered he loves writing and are pleased he agreed to write for us. 

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May I have some caviar please, Mum?

March 14, 2018

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